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IMD1 _ Game App Final

In this class, finally we finished our Game App.

There’s several things that we can change.

First, we can remove all the badguys from the badGuys array.

스크린샷 2016-06-14 오전 10.40.50

And we will set the background music to the beginning when we reset.

스크린샷 2016-06-14 오전 10.53.39

I made my own game app! I added a background image, and changed the refresh button and countdown sound. So fun~

스크린샷 2016-06-20 오후 9.42.32.png

I exported to my iPhone~~~ Wow!





DMC1 _ 3D Camera

In this class, we learned how to make 360 degree 3D camera app.

First take a simple video with 3D camera. We had a short class tour.

And bring the video to your computer. And I downloaded the movie texture assets.

So go to unity, import the ‘Easy movie texture Video’ unity package.

스크린샷 2016-06-19 오전 10.21.47.png

And also import cardboard sdk, demo package.

스크린샷 2016-06-19 오전 10.23.10.png

Drag your video to streaming assets folder.

And drag the demo_sphere to the hierarchy.

스크린샷 2016-06-19 오전 10.24.47.png

스크린샷 2016-06-18 오전 10.48.54.png

And double click the sphere. In Media Player inspector, write classTour to ‘Str File Name’.

스크린샷 2016-06-18 오전 11.22.09.png

Bring Cardboard Main camera and delete main camera.

Also we will going to add a Medai Player Sample Sphere GUI script.

I can see the video in 360 degree! So nice~


DMC1 _ Lionflakes

Last time, we made another ar project.

Professor gave us a sheet of paper named ‘lionflakes’.


Prepare scissor and glue. We cut along the outer strong lines and glue it each side.


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-06-18-22-02-37_71.jpeg  Looks like this.

Now let’s go to our unity, make a new project.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.32.37.png

First, go to build setting and switch the platform.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.34.42.png

Also make sure to uncheck portrait and portrait upside down.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.34.29.png

And import the vuforia unity package.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.35.11.png

I went to our class website and downloaded the lionflakes assets.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.43.04.png

Delete the main camera.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.46.39.png

And drag ‘ar camera’ from vuforia prefabs.

In the inspector, we have to fill out the ‘App License Key’. So let’s go to vuforia website and bring the key.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.46.51.png

Copy this key, and paste it to unity.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.48.37.png

And we will going to create a database named ‘arClassMultiTarget’.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.49.14.png

Click ‘Add Target’.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.49.57.png

We will choose ‘Cuboid’ type. The dimension is like this.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.52.59.png

Now our flakesbox database has created. Let’s add a image.

If you double click the ‘flakesbox’, you can upload the image of each side.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.53.11.png

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.56.45.png

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 10.57.00.png

If you double click the box, you can see the contrast of image.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.01.13.png

Now let’s download our database, and make sure to select Unity Editor.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.00.34.png

When you download the database, always organize clearly so that you can find the files easily.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.02.42.png

Let’s import the package, and bring the assets also.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.05.20.png

Load and activate your database.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.19.25.png

And bring MultiTarget prefab from the vuforia prefabs.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.20.38.png

Choose your database.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.21.39.png

And transform its rotation.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.23.47.png

Create a 3D cube, and rename it ‘wireframe’.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.24.25.png       스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.24.35.png

Change its texture to wireframe texture.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.29.04.png

And bring a bowlspoons model to the scene.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.35.55.png

And add texture inside and outside.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.37.39.png

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.38.12.png

So if you test, you can see your bowl with spoon will rotate around your lionflakes.

스크린샷 2016-06-13 오전 11.40.14.png

I exported to my iPhone! So nice~


IMD1 _ levelLabel, add clouds

In this class, we’ve learned how to get to higher level and how to add clouds.

We created a variable for the level.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 10.51.52.png

And we’ve set the levelLabel’s position.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 10.56.24.png

We’ve set the levelLabel text.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 10.58.13.png

If the current score divided by 5, then the levelLabel will update.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.27.55.png

You can see that if you get score 5, your level goes up each time.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.00.21.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.09.37.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.36.50.png

Now we are going to add clouds.

I downloaded the assets from our class website.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.42.58.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.42.53.png

Put the cloud image in assets.xcassets.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.47.37.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.47.45.png

And we will add a new swift file.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.48.11.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.48.33.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.49.13.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오전 11.50.54.png

This is our code for cloudStatus.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.01.47.png

And go to the gameScene.swift.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.07.18.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.10.28.png

And we’ve set the cloud’s positions.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.20.54.png

We gave the names to the clouds.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.25.43.png

We’ve set the original and maximum position. And add the clouds.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.28.33.png

We created a random number for the clouds.

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.40.35.png

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.50.44.png

Now there’s a clouds in my game~

스크린샷 2016-06-07 오후 12.52.18.png

IMD1 _ Add background music and sound effect

This time, we will going to add background music and collision sound effect.

Find the bgm and collision sound and drag them into the your project name folder.

Then you’ll see this screen. Just click finish.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오전 11.23.19.png

Change the name ‘explosion’, ‘bgMusic’.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오전 11.25.19.png

Go to GameScene.swift, and let’s add some code. We will  import library for audio and video.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오전 11.30.15.png

And we will create variable for our audio files.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오전 11.32.27.png

We will set up the audio player and create the path to the audio files.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오전 11.48.26.png

And we associate the audio variables with their files.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.02.06.png

If your music sound is too big, you can change the volume. Mine was okay.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.15.48.png

Now we will add collision sound. If the hero get hit, the bgm will stop and only collsion sound will play, and after the countdown the bgm will start again.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.17.47.png

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.18.15.png

And you can also change background color.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.25.14.png

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.25.07.png

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.26.18.png

And in badguy.swift, we can change the angle or range of motion.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.34.40.png

Speed also! These function will going to decide your game’s difficulty.

스크린샷 2016-05-31 오후 12.39.44.png

And I downloaded countdown sound effect. I tried to add a countdown effect. The sound was played well, but didn’t stopped when the game restart. I have to add some code about stop the sound when the game begins.

스크린샷 2016-06-05 오후 3.42.10.png

스크린샷 2016-06-05 오후 3.42.24.png

스크린샷 2016-06-05 오후 3.43.03.png