Project Name : Romanticar

Romanticar is the word that combine with ‘romantic’+’car’. Our project is for a couple who wants to propose. You can surprise your girlfriend with this car. This car also has a special fuction. It can follow a line. Bottom of a box, there is a light recognition sensor. So when you draw a line on the ground, it can follow your line. Also, at the very top of this box can be open. You can put a ring or special gift inside it. When the romanticar arrive to your girlfriend, you can open that box, and give a ring to your girlfriend. Our box design is motivated by the movie ‘The grand budapest hotel’. Mendl’s bakery box was our reference.

Resource :
-Arduino Leonardo
-3 light sensor
-foam board (for base)
-2 Wheels
-1 Front wheel
-soldering iron
-battery pack
-9V battery
-3 Boxes
-White paper tape
-Pink acrylic paint
-blue ribbon

< Process >

>gearbox , wheels


P20141108_155903034_B9C532EB-7435-4BD1-9DA6-982F37934329 P20141108_160046705_E5369B0C-B83F-4070-A071-08D958F00724 P20141108_164048566_EDCBC5A9-B299-4BF3-A9F8-A1FBF329182F P20141108_172100898_01D4FB37-A20C-411E-8D72-09AECC13AD0DP20141108_170930788_229637BC-5E62-44EA-B46D-2E21F64F63E1

light sensor>



We bought a kitty bus for a proto. We tested the sensor recognition.


P20141119_114133426_F3ED3721-1E59-45E4-90EB-71D1B55938AF P20141119_114244465_97AE6063-E1C4-416D-BAFF-C5F2EBEC6066 P20141119_114938891_2ACBEE24-4A91-4CCA-B09E-70CFBC024748  P20141119_115019477_6F81E705-DB86-4562-971A-CD07F3F828A6 P20141119_115438851_F9629AE4-E0B8-4B09-93AC-297ABE13D861 P20141119_115454497_69427EC2-0B42-4018-8FAE-90D84AC52DB3

base prototype>

P20141126_113837665_29B0F4D2-D6E6-4776-B23F-B2145C288008P20141126_113756497_016B8C2D-9A17-4CE5-A435-62409CB867AE P20141126_120616451_4485DE7E-311D-436C-AB93-E43482F4D4F9 P20141126_125420087_E5E010CB-12BB-4B6F-BD40-676BEE4C3214

P20141126_125429855_F5C08522-E419-41AC-A9D4-64F4A96374B8 P20141126_125449322_42915A18-9C8D-4D79-84D7-FB71FC6928B1 P20141126_130011620_ACD73C97-4CCE-460E-BF3D-7F96978A5E31

>base laser cutting

P20141208_161853761_4A9BEDFE-D18F-4748-8C56-C85EA467F99D P20141208_163012000_9E6174D3-5EAD-4182-9EDE-11A8B4E9D883

P20141220_003539000_E6257541-69C1-4F51-B1E5-781CC6C32056 P20141210_112649452_312AB3CA-F401-415E-B06A-EF3B200C78B5 P20141210_112658026_7E57DBE0-FF73-466A-A1B2-BE94CDBB7F61 P20141210_112706197_0862EF95-EAA1-4904-A855-A24EFD554CD0 P20141213_151641738_9C0FB109-2C8C-44B4-A94B-63C0182C0D87




P20141215_211755992_B52EEC8E-6C0D-4467-88D6-DEE616699DEB P20141215_221704753_CE04019E-A998-45A2-8602-707E02DE9C4E


P20141216_231744068_EF4FBD04-DA44-4A94-BDE8-C1791640E54A P20141216_232021859_3F56190F-F639-4729-955F-5EB3599C3B54



P20141217_120847425_99C5DD5B-3598-40D8-90FD-0CED7D3F44D5 P20141217_120825424_05BC63FF-1468-4609-84C7-7C09F58CD006

Conclusion :

I really learned lot from this project. At the final presentation, we failed to follow a line because of a power. First time when we test just with the base, it worked really well. But when we put the box on it, the weight was became heavy. We thought the boxes won’t weigh a lot, but it wasn’t. The motor needed more power. We had to reassemble the gear motor stronger. But it was too late that time. It was really sad, but I learned from this. I have to do a many, many test. I have to be more careful, precise person. Also I learned a new skill from this project! Laser cutting! It was very interesting experience to me, and I hope to use this skill later for my other projects! And the fablab was really great, too! 3D printer work was really impressive!

Thank you for teaching us, Professor Todd!!★


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